London, the United Kingdom is a hot spot of touring locations and grows on its travel and leisure industry – in fact, it saw 19.1 million visitors annually in 2016, making it one of the most visited places in the world! The British Museum, Buckingham Palace, The National Museum, The Bridge of London, The Victoria and Albert Museum, and many others see millions of travelers annually. Be it touring tours, cinemas, shows, or nice testing of genuine English food, London is an excellent place to visit and explore.

The Tower Bridge Exhibition is one of those vacationer areas that you just can’t neglect. Status majestically over the Thames River since 1894, this exhibition is one of the most identifiable attractions in the world. The Tower Bridge Exhibition is the best way to experience its amazing things, through its huge Victorian stairway, its exclusive cup ground, and its wonderful spectacular thoughts about the pathway. Search strongly into the Tower’s record through its amazing digital records, movies, and information sections, and feel the London, UK Bridge Exhibition come alive!

Why Visit the London Tower Bridge Exhibition

There are several reasons why see the Tower Bridge Exhibition, London, UK is absolute of great benefit. The Exhibition itself is a famous icon of London, UK, and is intensely used by Londoners – it is surpassed by nearly 40,000 people every day!

Located in the bridge’s double systems, the Tower Bridge Exhibition gives guests a strong understanding of the Structure Bridge’s unique and wealthy history, as well as spectacular opinions of London, UK from its popular pathways. Jump further into the tale of the bridge by seeing the Victorian Era engine areas which initially operated the Link and permitted it to be brought up. The Tower Bridge Exhibition is also popular for its Cup Ground which offers a wonderful view of the city below, and the Stream Thames – you might even get to see the bridge being raised! The Tower Bridge Exhibition’s entertaining shows, like the short movement movie explaining the structure of the Link, also value viewing.

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Tower Bridge Experience

  • North Tower

Ascend the exclusive Victorian stairway to the Northern Tower of the Tower Bridge Experience, where you will get a specific session on the record of the Structure Link, as well as its importance to London, UK lifestyle. A completely available raise is also available for those who demand it.

  • Glass Floor

Move toward the Eastern and Western pathways where you will encounter the popular glass floor. Not for the faint-hearted, this see-through screen looks straight down onto the link, and the Thames river. The pathway also provides spectacular opinions of popular London, UK attractions, like St. Paul’s Church, The Monument, and St. Katharine’s Docks.

  • Southern Tower & Move of Fame

Next up is the Southern tower, where you will be revealed a brief function movie on the exclusive structure of the Tower Bridge, like its ‘bascule’ or see-saw bridge structure. From here, take the stairway down to the walkout, go through the ‘Walk of Fame’. On the bridge, you will see decorative brown plaques with titles of those who assisted develop, sustain and function the Bridge. Pay respect to those whose work helps hard this spectacular structure.

  • Victorian Engine Room

The Engine Locations once managed the Tower Bridge and required nearly 80 people to increase the bridge and work the steam-powered devices. The bridge, now intensely used, grew up 20-30 times per day in the Victorian Era. Now managed using power, the engine rooms stand as proof of the men who proved helpful to keep the dwelling performing for everyday use.

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Helpful Tricks

Bathrooms are not instantly available near the doorway from the Ticket Office in the Northern Tower. However, tailored toilets are available in the Southern Tower

There are no limitations on eating/drinking within the Bridge and the Engine Areas.

Guidance animals are permitted entrance.

A self-advised check out around the Bridge Exhibition should take you around 90 minutes

If you do need to ask for help, look out for serves in red outfits available for assistance at each key level of the checkout.

Inside Tips

Try to see the bridge when it is being brought up, so you can capture a perspective through the Glassdoor Entrance. It is usually started out between Apr-Sept from 10:00 – 17:30, and Oct-Mar from 9:30 – 17:00

From the western pathway, you can also see The Monument, honoring the Great Fire of London. If you plan on going to, combined passes are available to reduce costs.

Download the 100 % free Tower Bridge app to understand more about the Bridge and even perform games!

Buy the London pass for successfully pass to get 100 % free accessibility to this famous milestone.

Some of the entertaining shows within the Motor Space allow you to achieve what it used to look, audio, and even fragrance like!

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To observe the Structure Bridge raise, you can look up the timings on the formal website before preparing your visit.

What to Eat in London

You can enjoy Seafood & Snacks, Weekend Cook with Yorkshire Pudding, Eton Blunder, Pie and Mash, Bangers and Mash, Cockles, Complete British Morning meal, Difficult Toffee Pudding, Meat Wellington, and also many mouthwatering desserts.

Where to Stay in London

There are many hotels near in The London Bridge. Some of them are-

  • Shangri-La at The Shard

Shangri-La’s first UK outpost features probably the best opinions of any resort in London, with 360-degree scenery of the investment from just about everywhere that create a remain here truly unforgettable. The top-floor infinity share place is a particularly suitable area from which to study your empire.

  • The Lalit London

Blytonesque English boys’ university satisfies Bombay structure bedecked in amazing red. The old classes of this erstwhile Victorian sentence structure university now have mattresses swaddled in Native Indian materials and boastful opinions of the Shard. Sip on a turmeric-dusted mixture in the bar or have a naan-with-wine coupling in the cafe.

  • London Bridge Hotel

In an interesting area of the investment, this eye-catching bolthole is preferably placed for anyone looking for a little bit different place to remain in. There is an air of simple and easy performance about the place, while its comfortable experience is in noticeable comparison to close by Borough Industry and London Bridge Station.

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