Olympic national park or Olympic park is one of the most popular and beautiful parks which is surrounded by a wide range, in US. The whole area of the park is vast with wilderness, a long time human history, and several varieties of ecosystems, also included glacier-capped mountains, old growth rain forest, and an exorbitant shoreline. So, why are we waiting for? Let’s explore!

Tips and travel guide for Olympic national park

  1. Plan that what to do in the park and distribute your time. Olympic is a huge area. Before start, your amazing journey, check your guide book. There are no roads that cross the park so be careful.
  2. June to September are the busiest are for the trip. So you can make the reservation for the Kalaloch and Sol Duc campground and very popular wilderness camping areas. Because other camp areas are first come, first get.
  3. Select the areas based on park ecosystems like subalpine, coastal area, lowland forest, and favorite temperature rain forest.
  4. Check the park calendar and newspaper before planning.
  5. Lodging accommodation is seasonal basis. There are many lodges so you can get there and enjoy.

Opening time of Olympic national park

The Olympic national park is open 24/7. But most of the tourist choose June to September for visit for the summer. In this season, most of the roads and facilities are available there. From October to May, many campgrounds is closed.

Enjoying at Olympic national park, things to do

1. Camping

For summer, Kalaloch and Sol Duc are the only campgrounds. Other campgrounds are booked as first come, first, get basis. There are birds, bears, and other wild animals learn to search for food. So ensure that your food and other things are safe. And also ensure that the rest of the food, dirty dishes, garbage, and other items are properly managed. Do not leave food at your camp side.

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If you want you can also make fire and make a proper bar-b-q. But wood is not sold there. Tourist collects them from 100 feet campground. There is no shower in the campground. In the campside, there is no water and electrical hookups. So be aware.

Pets are allowed at the campground. But they are prohibited at park building, other trails or the backcountry. You can’t feed wild animal; this is for your and their safety! In the parking area, wildlife hunting is prohibited. All firework is also abandoned in the park.

2. Boating

You can boating in the park. The climate and temperature change in the Olympic frequently. So always research weather and condition. For kayaking and canoeing, you can choose wet and dry suits respectively. Before start, your thrilling journey recheck your boat, take extra clothing and food.

3. Fishing

The Olympic Park protects 75 miles of Pacific seashore, and almost 4000 miles of river contains salmon, trout, and char. All waters listed in the fishing and shellfish regulation. So, leave the fishing spot before sunset. Bull trout and solly vrden is prohibited for fishing.

4. Hiking

Before hiking carry food, take extra cloth, water, and raingear. Do not drink water directly from sources. Try to boil water or use water filter or iodine tablets. Never leave your garbage in the park area. Put t into the dustbin. Pets are not allowed in the park or beaches except in some areas.

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Place to go

1. Pacific Coast

Pacific coast is the tall seastacks with cristal water lakes.

  • Kalaloch and ruby beach
  • Kalaloch beach is a big beach for walking and combing.
  • Mora and rialto beach
  • Rialto beach is a beautiful beach with attractive views of the sea and offshore isle.
  • Ozeteee
  • In Peninsula, Ozetee is one of the largest lakes and stunning beach.

2. Temperature rainforest

Temperature rainforest is situated in the west of Olympic mountain. Here rain measured 12-14 feet annually.

  • Hoh rain forest – Hall od Mosses and Spruce natural trail are two short trails in the visitor center.
  • Queets rain forest – In the new visitor, quest rain forest is very attractive.

3. Mountains and Old growth forests

In Olympic, Hurricane ridge is the most easily accessed pick area. A very beautiful view can be enjoyed throughout the year.

  • Elwha River valley – Elwah river valley is the home to a lowland old growth forest.
  • Lake Crescent – Surrounded by old-growth forest with deep, clear water lake crescent is the house of two fish species.
  • Deer park – In the deer park, there are small campground, a small hike to the top of blue mountain and obstruction point.

4. Sol Duc valley

It is in the northwest region area of the park. The sol duc hot springs resort includes the 82 sites in old-growth forest. Tent camping is also allowed but served as first come, first get basis. The resort is opened till October.

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5. Hurricane ridge

Hurricane ridge is one of the most beautiful place and easily accessed mountain in Olympic. The road of hurricane ridge is opened throughout the summer.

Lodging in Olympic national park

The lodge and cabins of the park provide a variety of accommodation. You can make a reservation previously. The rooms are usually booked first in July and August. Visitors may choose ancient hotels, although new hotels are very suitable.

  • Olympic lodge – Just beside highway 101 and 3 km far from Port Angeles. There are an outdoor pool and bistro-like hotel style. This lodging is the first choice for the tourist.
  • Angeles motel – Angeles motel is 39 km from hurricane ridge. You can enjoy the features view of the mountain from here. Free wifi connection with seating area in all the room.
  • Lake crescent lodge – This lodge is in northwest Washington and an ancient building for trip. This lodge has been situated in 1915. There are king size rooms, marymere rooms, pyramid mountain rooms and other rooms.
  • Olympic view inn – This hotel is located in Sequim. Well air conditioned rooms along with free wifi must charm you. Garden facilities are accepted for guests.

So, in this article I try to present a well scenery of Olympic national park. Make sure that, you have enough information for the park, well security before start your journey. Try to maintain the rules of the park otherwise, you must have to pay a penalty. Why are you waiting for? Let’s go for a thrilling journey. Best of luck.

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