Do you enthusiastic about amazing attractions? You’re looking for the most popular purchasing a long way or wonderful stores for the perfect buying trip? Or you’re enthusiastic about the amazing structures of art and culture? Let’s go for an adventure in Cairo.

Discover Cairo – Travel in Egypt

Cairo is the most attractive place in the world. Individuals around the world check out Cairo to appreciate historical styles. There are many well-known places where you can check out.

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  • Cairo Tower – Best look at – Travel in Egypt

The Cairo Structure is 187 meters great and provides an amazing opinion of the town. Designed on an isle in the Nile river, it looks like a tremendous wastepaper container. The tower was requested by President Gamal Abdel Nasser with Soviet funds. The ceiling also provides telescopes.

  • Sound and Light Show – the Pyramids – Have to see – Travel in Egypt

The Pyramids Audio and Light Display is a vacationer emphasize of the town. An awesome experience before an amazing background. The Sphinx associates traditional past of historical The Egypt in a wide variety of ‘languages’. The Display begins at 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm, and 8:30 pm in the winter and at 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm, and 10:30 pm in the summer time.

  • Tahrir Square – Freedom Square – Travel in Egypt

Thinking about Tahrir Square in former times often you think about an isle where three or five roads were met. A rapid speed and activity all around the green central isle. Most lately, though, the Square became the icon of The Egyptian Movement. Here individuals congregated, here they confirmed, and here they were met with assault and carnage. Many resorts provide an outstanding opinion of the Square near the bank of the Nile river.

  • Sphinx – Milestone – Travel in Egypt

Cairo provides many spots. Yet none are as amazing as the Outstanding Sphinx of Giza. Designed of limestone, it is located before the Pyramids of Giza. The Sphinx is 22 meters high and 50 meters long. Its name comes from its physical similarity to a lion’s body with a human head. Visitors can also ascend the Sphinx.

  • Citadel – Islamic Cairo – Travel in Egypt

The Citadel is one of the city’s primary locations and is also part of the cityscape. It is a limestone bastille integrated the Twelfth century. Checking out the Citadel will compensate you with a fantastic opinion of Islamic Cairo. The Citadel compound contains Al-Gawhara Palace, the Bab al-Azab, the Archaeological Museum, the Al-Nasir Muhammad Mosque, the National Military Museum, the Police Museum, the Suleyman Pasha Mosque, and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali.

  • Great Pyramid of Giza – Amazement of the World – Travel in Egypt
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No question the most popular vision in Egypt is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Designed around 2570 BC, it is the earliest pyramid on the Giza Plateau. This Wonder of the World is 140 meters high and contains more than 2.3 million rock prevents each with a weight of about 2.5 tons. Today it is not allowed to rise the Pyramid. But you can trip the internal. Here you can appreciate, for example, the King’s Area.

  • Mall of Arabic – Shopping paradise – Travel in Egypt

The Shopping mall of Arabic is a true buying location. Here you’ll discover everything that fashion, jewelry, electronic devices, beauty products, dining places, and enjoyment can offer. Mango, Massimo Dutti, and Bershka next to Oriental manufacturers.

  • Stars Centre – Fashionable purchasing center – Travel in Egypt

Opened in 2005, the Stars Centre can be found outside of the traditional Cairo. There you’ll discover over 500 stores. Not only modern stores like Mango and Nine West, but also regional selections are provided here, for example, Concrete. Undoubtedly the right position for a purchasing trip through modern stores.

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  • Khan El-Khalili bazaar – Memorabilia market – Travel in Egypt

There are many Asian marketplaces and bazaars in Cairo. The El-Khalili bazaar is one of the biggest in the town and is a real vacationer fascination. Here you’ll discover not only holiday gifts like sculptures and covers, but the essential spices or herbs, tea, and periodic combinations too. Also, hookahs are plentiful.

  • Egyptian Museum – Gold secrets and a Pharaoh’s mummy – Travel in Egypt

The Egyptian Museum is an international player in the worldwide top quality collection. If you’re enthusiastic about the traditional part of the world’s earliest civilization, you should definitely come here. Many random findings of pharaoh features like funeral things, money, sarcophagi, outfits, and jewelry are showed here. One example is the gold value of Tutankhamun. The emphasize is the Royal Mummies Hall where Pharaoh Ramses II is set out.

  • Cairo Safari Home – Lifestyle of the finest – Travel in Egypt

The Cairo Safari Home the city’s most important location for opera, dancing, cinema, movies, and concerts. It provides probably the best acoustics of all social organizations in the Near East. Aida, the popular opera by Verdi, was consisting specifically for this opera house. Stylish outfits are suggested, and the men must wear a coat and tie at the activities in the primary hall.

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Desserts in Cairo – Travel in Egypt

Do you want to try out the best fabulous restaurant? You’re looking for a comfortable café? You’re looking forward to enjoying regional specialties? Or you want to turn the evening into a day at a cool club? Let our choose choices keep you going.

  • Abou El-Sid – Go back to the Arabian Nights

Abou El-Sid is very well-known. You’ll feel as if you are on a trip eventually. The atmosphere is similar to the Arabian Nights. Looking at fantastic Baroque seats you can try out regional specialties like Mulukhiyah – a kind of various meats stew. Attention: If you just want to appear for 2, you should inquire first. The cafe expenses the lowest cost.

  • Sequoia – Elegant and stylish

Here you won’t actually be provided haute special treats. But there are delightful meze, excellent sushi, and a stylish atmosphere. Sequoia is where young and stylish Cairenes meet. Here you can choose white couches and purchase an apéro or a shisha to start with. All plenty of amount of your time e in the light wind from the World– heavenly! The Sequoia is an outstanding choice on warm summertime evenings.

  • Revolving Restaurant – Stylish and amazing perspective

On the 41st floor of the Great Nile Tower, you can appreciate wonderful France delicacies and a spectacular opinion of the Nile and the Pyramids. The atmosphere is a prepared combination of beauty and style. Accordingly, the traditional evening dress is suggested. Sometimes, there are live songs to go along with your meal.

  • Tea Lounge – Elegant and tasty

You should definitely take an espresso or tea crack at the shiny, stylish Four Periods Resort Cairo with its welcoming atmosphere. To trim back again on the comfortable couches and luxuriate in the France confectionery. Delicious. Homemade pasta and candy provided on étagères. Whether little eating soups or small treats to the tinkling of violin songs. And if you want to improve appropriate here, you can also purchase an advanced drink.

  • Fishawi’s Coffeehouse – Arabic by tradition

Fishawi Coffeehouse is a traditional Arabic café at the bazaar Khan El-Khalili. The traditional, enjoyable atmosphere is comfortable and you can sit in the house or outside. The perfect position for a crack between walks over the industry and the lots of opinions. Despite the heavy vacationer visitors, Cairo continues to be legitimate and contemporary.

  • Pub 28 – For a beverage
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Pub 38 is comfortable and grounded. After a long trip through the town, you can unwind here over cooled alcohol or a fine tequila. The pub is used by residents and visitors. If you’re feeling peckish, there are meze and little treats.

Overnight stay in Cairo – Travel in Egypt

You’re looking for high-class accommodation? Do you want to spend an evening in an artist room? Do you want to try out a store hotel? Or would you prefer housing at a reasonable price? We’ve collected a list of choose details for anyone.

  • Fairmont Systems Heliopolis

If you want a quick trip returning to the airport, this position is just right for you. The Heliopolis is only a few minutes away from Cairo International airport in one of the chicest areas of the town. Here you’ll also discover many embassies and governmental workplaces. The posh hotel provides 227 elegant areas, four dining places for most preferences, and over 4500 square meters for different activities. This makes it perfect above all for business visitors as well.

  • Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

Four Seasons Hotel provides stylish and beautiful over evening continues to be with all of the possible convenience in Cairo as well. Most areas have their own veranda where you can unwind and eat. At the end of a long day, you will really appreciate the huge areas, the rock washrooms, and the tasteful Tea Lounge for coffee and beverages. The magnificent spa with information like the ceiling veranda share is another spot to chill out with the remembrances and encounters of your day.

  • Kempinski Nile Hotel

The Kempinski Nile Hotel – simply amazing and over the top. At Cairo’s first store hotel, you can appreciate today’s Western-style combined with the wonder of The red sea. Here, even the easiest things are unique and the solutions irresistible. A luxury of the highest quality can be found in both the areas and the wonderful spa. The bar is stylish and comfortable and the scene amazing from everywhere in the best position.

  • Grand Royal

The Resort Grand Royal depends on the heart of Cairo. From the areas, you have an outstanding opinion of the town and its center. The subterranean place Saddat is only 100 meters away. Also, The Egyptian Museum and the Nile are available in only a few steps. The areas are elegant and many have little France balconies. They are adoringly provided with all the advantages.

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