One of Costa Rica’s most favored holiday locations is Arenal. There’s wonderful climbing in the area, geothermal energy rises, an attractive pond, and the favored La Fortuna fountain. Most of the activities here center around the nationwide recreation place with pets trips and hiking. Most visitors to the Arenal Volcanic National Park stay in close by La Fortuna as housing is less expensive than resorts at the foot of the volcano. Since this place is very well-known, costs tend to be higher here than elsewhere in the country but you can still find great deals around.

What to do in Arenal National Park

Enjoy the hot spring

Spend a night using one of the hot increases at the base of the volcanic after a prolonged day of going up the. There are a lot of hot increases in the place different in top cost and quality from inexpensive to spectacular. There is also a 100 % free hot springtime at Río Chollín, near the Tabacón Resort.

Cano Negro Wild animals Refuge

Consider taking a boat trip to the Cano Negro Wild animals Sanctuary to go wildlife viewing, diving, and/or tubing. You’ll get up at the start of the earlier morning, and come back delayed into the evening as the place is fairly far away but it is an excellent value for your money. Prices begin around 42,000 CRC.

Fiestas de la Fortuna

This event occurs in close by La Fortuna every Feb and contains bullfights (Costa Ricans don’t damage the bulls so don’t feel unhealthy about going), art exhibitions, equine reveals, stay songs, nightclubs and plenty of regional food.

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Bird Watching

The beginning morning hours pets trips will have you up at 5 am capture site of the rainforest’s winged population before the crowd come down in the nationwide recreation place. Chances are you’ll see toucans, birds, woodpeckers, and parakeets. Tours cost around 39,000 CRC.

La Fortuna Waterfall

This fountain is one of my most favorite. It’s huge, there’s a lot of diving below it, and the cold water is fairly refreshing after a bit of time climbing down to the platform in the hot sun! Make sure you have durable shoes as the nice to the fall needs a walk down an extreme, lengthy staircase!

See the clinging bridges

You can get extremely close to the crater of the volcanic by using an excursion via the clinging connects while seeing what life is like up in the cover by sightseeing and journey and appears to be of the jungle. Expenses begin around 14,00 CRC.

Try bungee jumping

Aside from the typical insane moving, you can do water touchdowns, catapulting and utilize moving, all with fantastic opinions of Arenal in the range. Program offers begin at 39,000 CRC such as two actions.

Take an opera drift trip

You can journey down the Penas Blancas Stream where you’ll have the opportunity to notice various types of fowl, crocodiles, sloths, iguanas, and tortoises. The journey is rather relaxing and requires 50 percent a day. Expenses begin around 66,000 CRC.

Go caving

There are very good cavern systems in the area that provide some excellent possibilities to get subterranean. One of my preferred actions here is putting on a headlamp and going below the floor to understand more about caverns and subterranean waterways. The areas are little, so if you’re claustrophobic, this isn’t for you.

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Where to stay in Arenal National Park

There are many hotels near in the Arenal National Park. Some of them are-

Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa

The hotel itself was amazing and So happy with plenty of LUXURY. A Loving Getaway for sure. All outside spa and falls and just so soothing and wonderful.

The Springs Resort and Spa

Truly one of the most exclusively wonderful places and hotels we have ever been to and printed the remarkable elegance and luxury we found on our honeymoon vacation 20 years ago in Hawaii islands.

Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa

After a few days in Tortuguero, we were getting excited about a bit more luxury but the Kioro Packages exceeded my objectives.

Baldi Hot Springs Hotel Resort & Spa

The areas are awesome and the balconies are very awesome and manage you the posh of establishing outside to have fun with the rainforest appears to be.

Hotel Prices

Housing is pricey here because of all the visitors. Expect to pay around between 5,500-7,000 for dorms space and 20,000-45,000 CRC for a private space. You’ll likely end up remaining in La Fortuna, where the frustrating majority of hostels are. WiFi is conventional, and a couple hostels even consist of 100 % free morning food. There are a few campsites in the area (predominately hostels or hotels that allow campers) and most charge between 2,700-5,600 CRC per night.

The average price of foods – The lowest priced foods is in the primary- La Fortuna. Primary programs in budget dining places will price 3,900 CRC on regular, while soft drinks dining places (cheap local food) begins around 1,600 CRC. For better food, anticipate playing nearer to 20,000 CRC per person, such as 2. Junk foods (think McDonald’s) will price around 3,500 CRC. If you plan on food preparation for yourself, a week’s worth of food will price you around 15,000-20,000 CRC.

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Transportation Costs

People bus from San José requires 3.5 hours and charges 2,000 CRC. The bus from La Fortuna costs around 800 CRC, while a cab will price around 2,200 CRC. Bicycle accommodations are also available in La Fortuna, charging around 3,300 CRC for a 50 percent day. Since La Fortuna isn’t a large city, it is easy to get around on foot without much trouble.

Money Saving Tips

Travel off-season – Delayed April-November is considered rain, and as a result, prices are generally cheaper and the area less populated.

Avoid journey actions – There are a lot of great but costly team actions and trips in the area. Miss them, and do the 100 % free actions such as climbing the recreation area, the La Fortuna fountain, and a few of the hot rises.

Eat at the soft drinks – These are little, family-run dining places that are dedicated to affordable foods, usually charging around 1,065 CRC, such as 2. They offer the best value in the area.

Skip the cabs – Taxis are costly, so adhere to getting the community bus when you discover the area. La Fortuna is also quite little, so you should be able to move everywhere without difficulty.

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