Take a step ahead of your restaurant Instagram posts

With the growing digital competition, the restaurateurs are leaping a step ahead in their Instagram presentation.  Though it isn’t that difficult and almost all owners have healthy profiles on Instagram, but why is there is the difference that some are still top notch and some are low in presence?

Well, the smart ones have practiced and here are the following points summarized to make your Instagram posts reach the next level.

Follow these points to make sure you are making your Instagram wholesome as the toppers do.

If you want your Instagram to work for you, get your attention on: 

  • The look and feel of your restaurant, yes usually the visitors keep on clicking for ten mins before making an order.
  • Not the old British look, but yes your restaurant should be well-lit, let the visitors take pics in superb light.
  • Of course, if the light is perfect, check the details of your culinary objects, the plates and glasses edges. Make a ting!
  • Make the pictures of almost all the food and drinks served at your place; people are now into deciding places to dine by checking Instagram rather than menus.
  • It’s a lovely idea to get advertised by the visitors in fun way, welcome your visitors in a more fancy place. Change is good, don’t make your restaurant a boring place, get it eye-catching decorated instead.
  • Use the most popular food related hashtags to get noticed online #pizza, #burgers, #sushis, #Bacon, #Salmon, #Salad, #Chicken and much more.
  • Usually, the Instagrammers are young fellows that of Gen-Z or millennials, They tend to take shots before they eat, so make all possible efforts to make their shots perfect by giving perfect surrounding and food presentation.
  • To be honest, if you want to turn your Instagram work effectively, get Instagram kits at your restaurants. Many owners have placed Instagram kits for the visitors to make bulk shots of the food and dining stuff. Taking Instagram serious requires this move.
  • Check out the wall colors, the ambience of your restaurant, do you think is it good for a photoshoot? You can check out new trending color and themes to make your place more attractive for picture taking.
  • Appreciation is the best motivation, make your customers content by serving them perfectly and encouraging them to take pictures on Instagram. Not the tip but this a click from a customer and a few good lines about the meal will kick the purpose.
  • Keep a check on the hashtags, placing the right hashtag of food niche like #foodporn is important. It is inviting the right audience to the post thus getting right and more followers. Commonly the balanced hashtags are seven in number, but you can add more provided they are correct. You can check the tool Iconosquare to research the right keyword for your post.
  • There are multiple apps to make your photos and videos in good shape like Over, and PhotoGrid.

Your Instagram can be effective bring a lot of followers to you if it’s used correctly.