7 Ways to use AR/VR to Improve Customer Engagement

Both augmented reality and virtual reality are technologies. They are proving to be popular between consumers and offer opportunities for new innovations in a variety of aspects. AR has been proved to be more helpful as a tool to enhance interactivity in games. But it can be used for a variety of contexts. 

Whereas virtual reality experiences a similar boost in profile resulting from its usage in gaming, to promising and offering unthinkable levels of immersion. It adds new layers and depths to the gaming experience. Everyday tasks such as watching a movie to reading a book have now been moved into realms of virtual reality. 

Similarly, the use of AR/VR in the restaurant business is also taking off in different methods through advanced software.

Here are seven ways to use AR/CR to improve customer engagement: 

1. Showcase your products

People don’t know what they want until you showcase it to them. It is the appeal of the eyes that gains customer engagement for a hospitable business. Not all of your customers can visualize your products, and they need to see and make sure of what product they are purchasing. They need to be ensuring about quality, texture, and price worth. AR allows your customer to experience your product without visiting the store. Think of being able to try on clothes and without stepping in the dressing room, purchasing the product. Your customer engagement will increase, and they won’t even have to come to the store. 

2. Generate a Social Media Buzz

Living in the generation of social media, you have to give recognition to your products and by showing them to the world too. You can use augmented reality apps to generate a buzz that will create a viral movement. It will certainly increase your customer engagement really fast. Use labels of your products as AR triggers to allow users to interact with your company’s product. 

3. Virtual Tours to your Business

The reason to use AR/VR technologies is that you need to give a tour of your product to the customer. From texture to size to the price, everything needs to be detailed out for the customer. They need this information to be assured about what kind of product they are getting or going to use. 

4. Interactive Elements

The elements of your products showcase the qualities it possesses. You need to make sure that it will appeal to your customers and give them a good interactive experience as well. For example, using these technologies, the customers could get all the information about the facts and history of your business and about the famous clients you got over the years. E.g., if you own a cinema, you can showcase the elements of your cinema that you hosted a lot of movie premiers for your customers and the movie stars came, and it was a red carpet affair. It will enhance the elements of your movie cinema and gain more customer attendance and engagement. 

5. Convenient Translation Capabilities

Providing all elements in different languages can help you gain various kinds of customers around the world and also help your customers approach you. It can break down the barrier of language and add a variety in your business. It could make a huge difference. 

6. Virtual Booking Processes

Before booking AR/VR makes it possible for customers to get a survey of the product more openly. You improve their experience by doing so. For example, you can sell some makeup online and swatch it and add the picture with the product to show how it works, etc. 

7. Hospitality

Another important part of your AR/VR technology is that it improves your hospitality business by beacon technology. You can use it to share needed info with the customers that they should know after buying or availing the product. This type of information is necessary for the customer. As it will help your customer to get the best out of your product or business and also it will improve the engagement of the customer as when they will like the hospitality they will visit again on your website. 


It is important to use AR/VR technology for your business. Not only because it is highly useful and advantageous but also because it is the most popular means of business interaction in this generation of millennials. Every person nowadays gets attracted to offers displayed on social media, and that is how they buy and make your engagement better with the customers. It helps your business grow and flourish.

Not only in your own city but out of your city/country as well. Nationally and internationally, these technologies can make your business shine. The seven ways of using these technologies mentioned above are the most basic and practical ways of using AR/VR technologies for your customer regularity. They are properly revised and detailed out ways which will be useful practically not just in words. 

Restaurant Reservation Systems: Their Importance for Modern Restaurants

Just as technology has slowly permeated into every sphere of the industry today, it has also now made its way to the restaurant business, where it is mostly used by owners to manage and track reservations made by guests. Though this job was traditionally done by human employees attending phone calls and writing down the reservations in a planner book, there can be no denying that giving up this task to technology has had some astounding benefits for the industry, saving quite a lot of labor time and costs.

So where do ONLINE reservation systems fall in all of this?


Restaurant reservation systems

But first, why are reservations so useful?

Reservations are a great practice followed at almost all restaurants in the world since they benefit everyone associated with the restaurant industry, from the owners to the employees, to even the customers. Reservations give the management a sense of how busy the day will be, and in the short term helps their staff prepare for a busy day, while in the long term it gives the management a sense of how popular his restaurant is and helps him think up ways to attract more customers especially on nights that are less busy to boost sales. For the customers, on the other hand, reserving seats ensures they’ll be served at their desired time instead of having to wait if they were walk-in customers instead.

But there a lot more benefits taking this process online…

Having your customer’s reserve seats online may seem like a deal that mostly for their benefit. After all, they no longer have to make phone calls or interact with employees to reserve seats but can get the task done 24/7 and in just a couple of clicks. However, the restaurant will benefit too, since moving the system online will make it easier to manage, accept or reject bookings requested by clients and reduces the time you lose on taking phone calls for reservations.

Nevertheless, how do you get started on online restaurant reservations?

Third Party reservation sites

A popular method of getting started with online reservations is to get yourself registered on third party reservation sites. The benefit of doing so is that since these sites already have a huge customer base that uses them as a search-engine-of-sorts for finding open tables at restaurants, your outreach is instantly increased. They also offer other neat features like planning calendars, a full booking system, etc. However, if their system is not fluid and top-notch, you could end up having to deal with customers on your own, not to mention that most even require you to pay hefty initial and monthly costs, something that not all businesses can afford to stop.

Google Adwords Click-to-Call feature

You could also rely on the Google Adwords Click-to-Call feature, a relatively cheaper alternative compared to third-party reservation sites. With this feature, whenever your advertisement appears on Google, a tap of a button will allow your customers to call you and book a table at your restaurant. Though no entirely an online process, it is still a simple, effective and popular solution.

Ensuring Work-Life Balance in the Restaurant Business

Work-life balance is very important when it comes to maintaining coherence and cohesiveness between your everyday tasks and professional careers. We can say that work-life balance can be termed as the holy grail of time management. Where this sounds very beneficial and important, many people never fully can get the hang of this.

There are very few people who are worthy enough to get to a point where they can maintain a balance between their two aspects of life. To all the restaurant owners out there and other domains as well, your life is as important as your work. So, to all the restaurant owners or workers, this is for you as well as other people.

Do not focus on doing everything today

As human beings, we are often faced with days when we are more than just active, and then there are days when we feel like we don’t want to do anything. In the former case, we are dealt with the problem of the attempts of doing everything in the least amount of time. Take time to relax. A lot of restaurant owners are now turning to singing bowls to help.

Where efficiency should be the case with almost every aspect of our lives, getting things or more things done in a short time span by doing them quickly open doors to the tasks going wrong. So, it is highly advisable to take your time with things and not go overboard with things.

Effectiveness and Being busy are two different things

So, this might be a bubble that will be bursting, but it should be noted that effectiveness and business is not the same thing. A lot of people fill their day’s duties with tasks which just keeps them busy and completely look over the fact that they are not productive. This does not only look bad professionally, but it also sets our standards of how we are doing our work. When you focus on how to be productive, you automatically shift from the “obligation” aspect of your work to a more “want” aspect.

Focusing on important factors

Work-life balance is very much related to how we focus and what we focus on. Finding it while working in a restaurant, let’s just say that it is attainable but only if we stop to look at our work as the only thing that exists. Having said that, if we focus on what we have to do to make our restaurant function like an efficient unit, it is important to look at what tasks will offer productivity and what factors need improving.

Similarly, if we look at the important factors of our lives outside of the restaurant, we will automatically start prioritize and divide our time of the day accordingly. What this does is that it ensures professional and personal life is in their separate domains while making sure that your restaurant work not being affected negatively as well.

Take a step ahead of your restaurant Instagram posts

With the growing digital competition, the restaurateurs are leaping a step ahead in their Instagram presentation.  Though it isn’t that difficult and almost all owners have healthy profiles on Instagram, but why is there is the difference that some are still top notch and some are low in presence?

Well, the smart ones have practiced and here are the following points summarized to make your Instagram posts reach the next level.

Follow these points to make sure you are making your Instagram wholesome as the toppers do.

If you want your Instagram to work for you, get your attention on: 

  • The look and feel of your restaurant, yes usually the visitors keep on clicking for ten mins before making an order.
  • Not the old British look, but yes your restaurant should be well-lit, let the visitors take pics in superb light.
  • Of course, if the light is perfect, check the details of your culinary objects, the plates and glasses edges. Make a ting!
  • Make the pictures of almost all the food and drinks served at your place; people are now into deciding places to dine by checking Instagram rather than menus.
  • It’s a lovely idea to get advertised by the visitors in fun way, welcome your visitors in a more fancy place. Change is good, don’t make your restaurant a boring place, get it eye-catching decorated instead.
  • Use the most popular food related hashtags to get noticed online #pizza, #burgers, #sushis, #Bacon, #Salmon, #Salad, #Chicken and much more.
  • Usually, the Instagrammers are young fellows that of Gen-Z or millennials, They tend to take shots before they eat, so make all possible efforts to make their shots perfect by giving perfect surrounding and food presentation.
  • To be honest, if you want to turn your Instagram work effectively, get Instagram kits at your restaurants. Many owners have placed Instagram kits for the visitors to make bulk shots of the food and dining stuff. Taking Instagram serious requires this move.
  • Check out the wall colors, the ambience of your restaurant, do you think is it good for a photoshoot? You can check out new trending color and themes to make your place more attractive for picture taking.
  • Appreciation is the best motivation, make your customers content by serving them perfectly and encouraging them to take pictures on Instagram. Not the tip but this a click from a customer and a few good lines about the meal will kick the purpose.
  • Keep a check on the hashtags, placing the right hashtag of food niche like #foodporn is important. It is inviting the right audience to the post thus getting right and more followers. Commonly the balanced hashtags are seven in number, but you can add more provided they are correct. You can check the tool Iconosquare to research the right keyword for your post.
  • There are multiple apps to make your photos and videos in good shape like Over, and PhotoGrid.

Your Instagram can be effective bring a lot of followers to you if it’s used correctly.

8 Tips to Perform Effective Restaurant Accounting

Running a restaurant is an extremely exciting endeavor and can result in massive profits for the owner. However, many people tend to overlook the key factor while operating their restaurant – accounting. A restaurant with unclear balance sheets soon faces grieve problems. Simply serving multitudes of customers without a sound strategy in place won’t take your restaurant anywhere. We have listed down a few tips to help you do an effectual accounting of your restaurant.

Restaurant accounting


Deploying a proper payroll system is essential to organize the finances of your restaurant. Employees are paid on weekly basis hence it’s quite to keep track of this manually. A good option is to outsource the accounting to save hefty efforts and time. You need to adhere to the recent payrolls to avoid any hefty fines from the authorities. Have a professional person to keep track of your balance sheet to maximize your outcome.


Keeping track of the inventory can be an intimidating task especially for products with quick expiry dates. Therefore it’s preferable that you deploy a management system that keeps track of the demand and the available inventory. Normally weekends bring excess traffic to the restaurant therefore you should order excess inventory on them.

Point of Sales (POS) System

Your front end system should also comply with your strict accounting practices. A POS system will record the number of orders and completed transactions. Advanced POS systems will provide you with a complete sales report with all the nitty gritty details included. Don’t be hesitant in choosing a good POS system as it will make your daily invoicing much more functional.

Hiring an Accountant

If you are finding trouble managing your accounts by yourself, it’s always recommended to hire a professional accountant. They will help you interpret the finances in a simplified manner. You can hire an in house accountant or hire a professional firm on part time basis. From financial consultations to proper book keeping, these accountants provide a range of services.

Financial Software

Financial software are designed to aid small or large restaurants manage their accounts more effectively. Each software has some advantages and disadvantages therefore look into them individually and see which suits your business specifically. Microsoft Dynamics GP and QuickBooks are some of the software to consider.

Restaurant Profit and Loss System

A P&L system will keep record of revenue, overhead costs and operating costs and will give you an insight to where you are standing. It’s recommended to update your P&L register on weekly basis.


Keeping track of sales record is undoubtedly the most crucial and difficult task. Therefore restaurants should monitor the spreadsheet after each shift for better management. You can schedule shifts of your staff accordingly. Also, a major chunk of sales happen from credit cards in restaurants so make a habit of closing down all those transactions daily.


To monitor your profitability, it’s important to keep track of your expenses. Initially note down all expenses daily. Later, you’ll understand which ones need to be recorded daily and you can save excess effort at the end of each month.