7 Ways to use AR/VR to Improve Customer Engagement

Both augmented reality and virtual reality are technologies. They are proving to be popular between consumers and offer opportunities for new innovations in a variety of aspects. AR has been proved to be more helpful as a tool to enhance interactivity in games. But it can be used for a variety of contexts. 

Whereas virtual reality experiences a similar boost in profile resulting from its usage in gaming, to promising and offering unthinkable levels of immersion. It adds new layers and depths to the gaming experience. Everyday tasks such as watching a movie to reading a book have now been moved into realms of virtual reality. 

Similarly, the use of AR/VR in the restaurant business is also taking off in different methods through advanced software.

Here are seven ways to use AR/CR to improve customer engagement: 

1. Showcase your products

People don’t know what they want until you showcase it to them. It is the appeal of the eyes that gains customer engagement for a hospitable business. Not all of your customers can visualize your products, and they need to see and make sure of what product they are purchasing. They need to be ensuring about quality, texture, and price worth. AR allows your customer to experience your product without visiting the store. Think of being able to try on clothes and without stepping in the dressing room, purchasing the product. Your customer engagement will increase, and they won’t even have to come to the store. 

2. Generate a Social Media Buzz

Living in the generation of social media, you have to give recognition to your products and by showing them to the world too. You can use augmented reality apps to generate a buzz that will create a viral movement. It will certainly increase your customer engagement really fast. Use labels of your products as AR triggers to allow users to interact with your company’s product. 

3. Virtual Tours to your Business

The reason to use AR/VR technologies is that you need to give a tour of your product to the customer. From texture to size to the price, everything needs to be detailed out for the customer. They need this information to be assured about what kind of product they are getting or going to use. 

4. Interactive Elements

The elements of your products showcase the qualities it possesses. You need to make sure that it will appeal to your customers and give them a good interactive experience as well. For example, using these technologies, the customers could get all the information about the facts and history of your business and about the famous clients you got over the years. E.g., if you own a cinema, you can showcase the elements of your cinema that you hosted a lot of movie premiers for your customers and the movie stars came, and it was a red carpet affair. It will enhance the elements of your movie cinema and gain more customer attendance and engagement. 

5. Convenient Translation Capabilities

Providing all elements in different languages can help you gain various kinds of customers around the world and also help your customers approach you. It can break down the barrier of language and add a variety in your business. It could make a huge difference. 

6. Virtual Booking Processes

Before booking AR/VR makes it possible for customers to get a survey of the product more openly. You improve their experience by doing so. For example, you can sell some makeup online and swatch it and add the picture with the product to show how it works, etc. 

7. Hospitality

Another important part of your AR/VR technology is that it improves your hospitality business by beacon technology. You can use it to share needed info with the customers that they should know after buying or availing the product. This type of information is necessary for the customer. As it will help your customer to get the best out of your product or business and also it will improve the engagement of the customer as when they will like the hospitality they will visit again on your website. 


It is important to use AR/VR technology for your business. Not only because it is highly useful and advantageous but also because it is the most popular means of business interaction in this generation of millennials. Every person nowadays gets attracted to offers displayed on social media, and that is how they buy and make your engagement better with the customers. It helps your business grow and flourish.

Not only in your own city but out of your city/country as well. Nationally and internationally, these technologies can make your business shine. The seven ways of using these technologies mentioned above are the most basic and practical ways of using AR/VR technologies for your customer regularity. They are properly revised and detailed out ways which will be useful practically not just in words.